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Westech LLC Environmental Health & Safety


Westech LLC Environmental Health & Safety is training portal for workers who may conduct activity related asbestos abatement activities, for maintenance and custodial workers involved in general maintenance and asbestos-containing material repair tasks. Federal, state, and local asbestos regulations Proper asbestos-related work practices Descriptions of the proper methods of handling ACM, including waste handling and disposal Respirator use, care, and fit-testing Protective clothing donning, use, and handling Hands-on exercises for techniques such as glovebag work and HEPA vacuum use and maintenance Appropriate and proper worker decontamination procedures.


  • Check the amount of accidents, days off from accidents, total work days without accidents, log injuries from accidents
  • From Dashboard, Admin can see total number of Employees, Employers, Courses, Course categories, all students registrations.
  • Content Management System - Secure backend admin section - Easily edit content, images, products, training material, reservations, etc.
  • Customizable Employee profiles
  • Database Development MySql
  • Training Center - Registration process to collect student info and payment

Customizable Admin Console

Admin can define,manage leave types,company holidays, allocate any training to any employees & allocated training will be see from employee login too.

Sign Up for Employee & Employer

Individual given button on sign up employee and employer.

Online Course Registration

From Registration Tab Can view all students registration,also see students registered from website under particular courses.

Add different courses from admin side

List, Add, Edit, View & Delete with different form courses as shown as course image upload, course name, course category, status for active or inactive.

Customizable Year Calendar

From year Calendar Tab, check the amount of accidents, days off from accidents, total work days without accidents, log injuries from accidents.Can Add Accidents,Injury etc & can see key statistics.

Key statistics as days for leave according as calendar

It shows total working days, total accidents in a year, total injuries, total days loss

Contact form is here with google map

Contact form shows on google map with particular address and contact us form

PDF viewer on given link

You can view pdf file with particular link which has added by developer.