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Bandlamudi Gardens Booking System


This project will include a website for the general public which will showcase the locations facilities as well as give the user an option of checking the availability of the four different facilities, Vedika (Hired out on a 12 hour basis, so 2 times a day), Veduka (Same as Vedika), Venue (Hired on a 4 hour basis by default, hirer will have to order a fixed price menu if they intend to use this facility) and the 8 hotel rooms (let out on a 24 hour basis). Front end users can only view availability but cannot book any of the four facilities themselves, hence there is no need of payment integration or cart facility.


  • 1. Generates a PDF along with Terms and Conditions, saves the PDF on this form and opens it for printing
  • 2. The date on the availability calendar displays Red for this slot
  • 3. Confirmation text/email sent to the phone number entered in this form
  • 4. Text/Email of booking details sent to Predefined mobile number and emails

Green Box Mouse Over

This is the box thats shows up when residency (guest room) is selected from the drop down.

Venue Booking Form

This is the form the staff member will be directed to when he clicks a blue box in the venue calendar.All options remain same as explained in the veduka calendra.

Enquiry Booking Form

Staff member reaches this page by clicking + symbol on the calendra and fill the document and save by clicking a text message is sent to the phone number entered in this form.

Guest Room Calendra

The blue boxes under the items name indicate that they have been selected by clicking them. There is no pricing calculation the amount will always be calculated and entered manually.