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The Sanskaar Valley School

  • In case an offer of admission is declined, then that vacant seat will be offered to the next child on the merit list. This criterion will be strictly followed.
  • A list will be prepared in order of registration date and merit. Thereafter an offer of admission will be made through a formal letter.
  • The formalities to be followed next have already been prescribed.
  • At the conclusion of this meeting, the school authorities will make an assessment and determine whether or not a seat should be offered to the child.
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Resturent order manager software

  • 1.Item Manager as Food & Drinks with Order Pad, Select Items & Immediate View in Order Pad 2.Printer & Open Cash Drawer Integration
  • 2.Printer & Open Cash Drawer Integration
  • 3.Get Payment by Cash, Order Pad, Refund Change, Print Order Receipts
  • 4.Toggle & List View of the Reciepts
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KPI , Workforce & HR Analytics:

  • 1.KPI Summary : This Provides Easy ways to navigate Year wise Demographics,Total Compensation Revenue Ratio ,Revenue per FTE $500k Goal,Absence Rate , Gross Profit per Store/Employee Ratio city & state wise
  • 2.Human Resources Dashboard & Workforce Planning : Performance Evaluation Employee wise base on traits Initiative, Work Relationship, Communication, Reliability, Quality of Work, Productivity etc & department Wise, Headcount Planning GAP, Projected Revenues
  • 3.Human Resources Dashboard & HR Analytics : Department Wise Sales Ratio Headcount , YearWise Sales Headcount & Store Performance Heat Map 2011, Region wise Store Mgr :Revenue Ratio
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